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Is an Active Adult Community for You?


The term baby boomer is referred to as someone born between the years of 1946-1964.  Men returning home from their tour of duty after WWII began families, resulting in an increasing number of children brought into the world.  In the United States alone, there were about 79 million babies born during this time.  The birth rate each year was about 4 million births.  The dramatic increase in births during the baby boom era helped lead to exponential rises in the demand for consumer products, homes, cars, roads and services.  Today, the baby boom has helped to lead in a rise for Active Adult Communities for those aged 55 and over. 

If retirement is in your future, chances are it will be much different than what your parents experienced.   Just because you are over the age of 50, doesn’t mean you are ready to play bingo all day.  Chances are you will still want a lifestyle that is healthy and active during retirement.  Developers have taken the time to build communities that take in the interests of this baby boomer generation.  There are communities for boating enthusiasts, cohousing communities, and communities with vast amenities such as tennis, golf and swimming pools. 

It is important to remember that not all Active Adult Communities are the same.  Here are a few questions to ask to find out if a community is the perfect fit for you.

  1. Who owns the land your home will sit on? – Some communities own the land that their member’s home sit on, while in other cases the developer or investor owns it.  If the developer owns the land, there is a possibly for rent increases over the years. 
  2. Is there a sinking fund for maintenance? – This is a reserve fund for maintenance for occurrences such as new roofs, air conditioning systems and septic systems. 
  3. What is the reputation of the builder/developer? – Do your research; find everything you can about their past projects.  Are their past customers happy?  It is important to remember that there will always be unhappy buyers; you should look at what the developer did to best resolve complaints.
  4. Can the community handle future growth? – Find out all you can about future planning within the community.  You don’t want overcrowding.
  5. What rules will you have to follow? – While living in your own home over the years, you have probably created your own rules for your family.  However, living in an Active Adult Community has rules to keep all their residents happy.  Some examples include whether or not pets are allowed, exterior paint colors, guests, parking, etc.  Be sure to find out these rules before you commit to buying a home. 

The perfect Active Adult Community is out there for you.  To find out if Regal Home’s has the perfect fit for you, click here!


You Retired, Now What?

You worked your whole life to get to this point.  Now it’s time to start your life all over and re-invent yourself.  It’s ok to be a little selfish – the kids are all grown.  Owning your own home can be tiresome and time consuming so why not move to an Active Adult Community such as Pine View or Rosemont Estates where all exterior maintenance is taken care of?  Moving to a Lifestyle Neighborhood frees up your time to truly do the things you love and have had to put off during your time working.   Our communities offer amenities such as a workout room, pool, sauna and community center.

All of our communities are located in Monmouth County, Central New Jersey.  Having this location offers endless amounts of activities for our residents.  If you’re a shopaholic the Freehold, Woodbridge and Jackson premium Outlets are just minutes away.  Food connoisseurs should visit some of the Jersey Shore restaurants such as Avenue in Long Branch or local farm Delicious Orchards for some freshly baked goods.  The pristine beaches of Spring Lake and Manasquan are just minutes away as well.   Into the arts? – Visit cultural amenities such as the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank, PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel or the mother of all things cultural, New York City for Broadway and museums.  Lastly, if you’re looking to get away for the weekend or want to plan a day trip, Atlantic City and Philadelphia are only about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes away.

Active Adult Communities have a multitude of benefits.  Here are a few:

  • A safe living environment
  • The chance to build friendships with people your age
  • Quiet community free of teenagers and kids
  • The ability to live with like-minded people
  • Amenities such as pool, gym and community center

So take advantage of these benefits, you earned it!  To find out more Regal Home’s Active Adult Communities and amenities, click here.


Have the TIme of Your Life…Now


Many home buyers are looking for top-notch amenities when choosing an Active Adult community. After all, you’re ready to relax, to have the kids and grand kids come visit for the day. This is your time to pursue whatever you want and to relax. But relaxing doesn’t mean you want to be bored. “Will there be enough for me to do?” This is the question on many peoples’ minds. Well here’s the answer, there definitely is.

With swimming, fitness centers, golf, tennis, and bocce, as the standard of many Active Adult communities it’s hard not to be busy. Also with the popularity of scheduled activities like poker night, and bingo, for residents it becomes easier and easier to get involved in what is going on in the community. These activities are in addition to the facilities that are always available to the residents.

The clubhouse is one of these amenities that are always available to the residents of the community. Here you can usually find things like the swimming pool, the fitness center, and other accommodations, such as a kitchen available to all residents, and some other form of activity, perhaps billiards and poker. Another popular amenity in the clubhouse is a craft room, for all your crafting needs. Add to this the tennis courts, golf course, and bocce courts and there certainly is a lot to do! Some clubhouses even have ballrooms for more formal events. Making an evening out easy and convenient! These things are then even further added to by the activities and events in your local area.

Like boating? No problem, there are certainly Active Adult communities close to the water for all your boating needs. Love the beach? Once again this can be accommodated for simply by the area your community is located in. You know what they say location, location, location, and they’re right. The area your community is located in makes a big difference as to what activities are available to the residents.

Bus trips to Atlantic City are a must for the communities and everyone likes to go to Atlantic City sometimes. The casinos, restaurants, shows, and boardwalk are a huge draw for Active Adult community residents. Also, trips to local plays at Count Basie or the Paper Mill Playhouse are usually available through the communities. This allows for an evening out and some fantastic entertainment as well.

This is your time to kick back and relax. To decide what activities you’re most interested in. What you like, don’t like, and even the area you really want to live in. This is the time to look forward to doing all the things you ever wanted to, go see that play you’ve been dying to see but never got around to because you were too busy with work and being a parent. Or to just enjoy all the amenities available to you. With more and more home buyers looking into Active Adult lifestyle communities, the amenities and activities are certainly an important factor in choosing a community. This makes it important to look at all the activities available, both in the community and in the area.

Check out Regal Homes’ Active Adult Communities here.

The Fun Phase – Now It’s Your Turn!


So the kids are pretty much settled and on their own and you are ready to start the next phase of your life, which we like to call The Fun Phase.  If you are considering a lifestyle-oriented neighborhood geared toward adults who are 55 or better, it’s important to know what to expect and what is available before you purchase your new home so that you are prepared for this next phase of your life.

One of the greatest things about moving to an adult lifestyle neighborhood is meeting your new neighbors and participating in all of the planned activities that the clubhouse offers, such as trips to New York City and Atlantic City, musical tours and various luncheons and bazaars.  On gloomy days it’s a pleasure to get out of the house and play cards or gather with friends at the clubhouse.  During the summer season having the outdoor pool, tennis and other outdoor activities gives residents a whole host of choices for fun in the sun.

Most of the homeowners in our adult communities are looking to continue living in a home, are not ready for apartment living, but are looking for a maintenance free lifestyle that their current or previous home does not offer.  By not having to shovel the walkways, cut the grass or work on outdoor home maintenance, our homeowners are free to live the life they have always wanted, with the freedom to play, travel or do anything they want without the worrying about their home.

During the Fun Phase it’s important to participate in all that your community offers, whether it’s onsite neighborhood gatherings, or offsite trips to Broadway plays or shows in Atlantic City.  Getting to know the people in your community and make new friends can be great fun and good for you too!  With nearby amenities, such as golf, beaches, dining and shopping there is always something new and exciting to experience.  By keeping active and involved, homeowners in a lifestyle neighborhood are living healthier and happier, and what could be better than good friends and fun during this amazing phase of your life?

For more information on the lifestyle offered at any Regal Homes neighborhood click here.

Customize Your New Home at our Design Center

Purchasing a new home can be fun, exciting and stressful all at the same time.  But after the contract is signed and you’ve made the purchase, it’s time to have some fun at the design center and make your home truly yours with personalizing options and upgrades.  It’s also when you get to create the home you’ve always wanted, so we wanted to give you some tips and ideas on how to make the most of your design center appointment.

First, make sure to arrive at the center a couple of minutes early so you can browse while you are waiting for the designer to help you.  It’s a good time to check out the samples and get an idea of the where all the samples are located so you are familiar with what you have in mind for your home.  Some of the trends we are seeing is wood flooring upgrades throughout and less carpeting is being selected by our homebuyers, so it would be a good idea to consider those areas you would like to see with an alternate flooring. 

Since the kitchen and family rooms are the heart of the home, more and more home buyers are opting for upgrades in cabinets and are choosing granite countertops for their long-lasting durability and beauty.  Stainless steel appliances are also all the rage these days, so be sure to check out what is available in appliances.  For the family room fireplace upgrades are very popular because of the warmth and convenience the newer gas fireplaces offer homeowners.

Another trend we are seeing is the resurgence in moldings throughout the home.  From crown molding upgrades to base and chair rail as well as full trim packages throughout, our homebuyers love the character and quality that molding adds to their new homes.

As you can see there is something for everyone at the Regal Homes Design Center.  And with so many ways to personalize your new home, it’s easy to create the home of your dreams with the help of our experienced and knowledgeable staff.  For more information on Regal Homes, our communities or our design center, please click here.

Sell Your Current Home Today?!

So you are ready to move and fell in love with a Regal Home but how do you get started on selling your current home? In today’s market it’s all about what you do to get your home ready to sell. Remember this is just like selling anything else, presentation matters!! Sales are up this Spring and people are buying so prepare your home now and you’ll be moving into your NEW Regal Home before you know it. Download our free tip sheet with some great ideas to help  you sell your current home!

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