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Floor Plan Options for New Homes

September 5, 2012

ImageWhen searching for a new home there are many house plan styles that you will incur.  When visiting a model home you will be presented with a floor plan.  A floor plan is a simple line drawing showing rooms as being seen from above.  There a many different floor plan styles and it can be quite confusing to understand and know the differences between them.  Here is an explanation for a few industry standard floor plans to help you in your home buying search:

  • Single Story– Is also known as a ranch style and has both the living and sleeping space all on one level.  This style is ideal for those who don’t want stairs in their home due to physical and safety reasons.  The downside to a single story home is that the yard is usually smaller.  This is because the square footage is spread horizontally instead of vertically like in a 2 or 3 story home.
  • Two Story- This style will usually have a larger yard than a single story home because they don’t take as much room on a lot.  It is usually less expensive to build and costs less to heat and cool.  There is usually more privacy in a two story home due to the separation between living and sleeping.  The biggest drawback is the stairs.  The stairs on average take up about 100 square feet of space and can be a safety hazard.
  • Multi-level- Is also known as a split-level.  It began as a variation of a single story/ranch style home.  Multi-level homes are usually built on lots that slope.  Instead of having one level floor plan, it has split levels at various heights.  Stairs usually connect the levels so this is something to take into consideration.
  • Loft-style-   Is a home that may resemble a single story home on the ground floor, but has an added loft level below the roof.  This area is open to the lower floor below. It is a flex space that can be used as a guest bedroom, home office or children’s play area.  A loft space adds extra living space or storage to your house design.

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